Start a new school in any city in India and school ventures will provide end to end setup

Turnkey Services to Start a School in India

New school setup process can be overwhelming even for the most resolute of entrepreneurs. If not managed resourcefully, details of the project can ruin the big plan and unanswered questions can cause confusion.

It is important to appreciate the target market, create a strong foundation for school logistics, facilitate age-appropriate learning programs, provision relevant learning spaces, recruit best teachers and competent staff, establish institutional policies, procedures to track student progress and ensure access to high-quality school technology and supplies. All these organizational goals need to be accomplished within the time frame and budget.

Collaborative Experience

Our school project consultants engage with individuals, entrepreneurs, trusts, and corporates who possess financial resources to start a school in India and operate it. School Venture’s experience covers school setups built on various scales, curriculums, no of grades and different boards of affiliation including CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB. Our network of partners, school consultants and team, operating in close collaboration, create immense value by reducing implementation time thereby delivering speedy outcomes.

‘Concept to Launch’ Assistance for Starting a School in India

We have considerable experience navigating all the distinct steps involved in setting up a new school including drafting school project feasibility report as well as a detailed project report. Our school consultants understand the intricacy of details and level of planning required to launch a new school. Hence we have developed skills and cultivated resources to create access to right talent, plan school facilities, draft master plan, decide upon suitable architecture and design for schools building and interiors, establish curriculum, create policies to In school affiliation deliver a world-class educational experience.

To proceed with an initial idea all the way to opening a new school requires thorough preparation, comprehensive planning, commitment and dedicated resources. Our educational consultants provide the necessary guidance, strategic advisory on all aspects concerning the new school which includes, but is not limited to, school architecture & design, curriculum/academic program, training, fees structuring, policies, procedures, brand promotion, marketing, maximizing admissions, school supplies & materials, statutory compliance, affiliation, budgeting, and finance.

Planning a New School

Over the years, we have found that each situation while starting a school presents unique opportunities and challenges. During the Initial stage, Our International School Consultants will help clients to validate the idea, identify key issues to be addressed, gather information through market survey to understand competition, parent preferences, education programs, positioning, marketing, statutory approvals, boards, perform SWOT analysis to determine the key criteria for the school to be successful and arrive at sustainable school concepts along with draft timelines and draft budget.

A detailed School Project Report covering all aspects of the approved school concept, budget is prepared by our school consultants. The report is prepared in close consultation with the promoters to ensure that its final version is a document that promoters and school consultant agree upon. The report covers the following aspects of the new school setup.

Establishing a New School

The establishment of a new school may take 3 months to 2 years or more based on the type of school. Project team is identified,recruited and placed on site by the promoters, Our project team work with the school consultants, promoters, site team, school architects, designers, academicians and School Venture’s home office teams and complete necessary activities to ensure that school is completely prepared by the launch date.

While we have found that fast tracking the implementation is possible in certain environments, we have also seen that, unduly accelerated timelines may result in serious compromises and can lower the quality of the outcome. We strongly advise our clients to invest dedicated time and resources at the front-end of any new school project to ensure best results. School Venture project and home office teams assists school promoters to establish the new school –

  • Statutory Approvals: provide guidance, review necessary documentation for seeking approvals from local authorities, education department, state government and State, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB boards.
  • School Master Plan & Architecture: site master plan, school architecture and services design.
  • Interior Design of Learning: conceptualize learning spaces designs.
  • Academic / Beyond Academic programs: academic planning, guidance to implement 21st century learning programs.
  • Recruit Teachers & Staff: teaching, non-teaching and administrative.
  • Human Resource Operations: Joining thru exit
  • Put in place Policies, procedures & handbooks.
  • Coordinate skill development & training.
  • Education Resources: Assist in purchase of school supplies & materials like classroom furniture, uniforms, smart boards, education aid, etc..
  • Recommend use of technology in school.
  • School Transportation: Plan route for school buses, child safety and security policies, transportation operations procedures and train drivers/assistants.
  • School Branding: create vision and positioning strategy, identity design, create website and establish brand campaign to educate, engage and influence parents and students.
  • Marketing school programs: Develop content and design marketing collateral, establish promotion strategy.
  • Implement admissions process: training counsellors, coordinate enrolments.
  • Launch new school: plan launch event and soft launch of school.

Manage a New School

On Start of the School, focus remains on enrolling students, achieving the learning outcomes and effective operations within budget. This can be cumbersome, when management is unable to dedicate the desired time to manage operations, market the school wisely, channel skills and materials on-time. We have had the privilege of building, managing schools and delivering the learning outcomes.

Services provided during the planning and establishment stage will continue to cover campus development and expansion. The school head will assist in day to day school operations. The school head is backed by a pool of resources from staff and management from our home office to ensure smooth School operations.

  • Annual Budget: Prepare yearly operations budget and enrolment plan.
  • School Consultancy: Provide guidance, strategic advisory on the agreed operational goals and milestones for the School.
  • Academics / Curriculum Support: Continuous guidance from our home office to Management, Principal, Teachers and staff, Teaching-Learning and Curriculum Handholding.
  • Affiliation Assistance: Preparation of application forms and technical report for affiliation (CBSE/ICSE), prepare for inspection(s), Assist in compliance with requirements leading to affiliation.
  • Learning Transformation: Periodic academic audits, Reviews by senior management.
  • Skill Development / Teacher Training: Training to fix skill gaps identified during audits, pedagogy.
  • Recruitment of Teachers and Staff: Find and recruit the best educators and staff from our pool of one lakh candidates.
  • Human Resource Management: new joinees, exit and policies
  • School Management Systems and Procedures: Assist in implementation of operations policies practices, procedures, technology, reporting and communication systems.
  • Infrastructure Development: Suggest and provide design concepts for renovation/upgradation of existing educational facilities.
  • Branding Support: Re-calibrate brand strategy to cater to changing market needs
  • Marketing Support: Create marketing plan, Design brand and marketing collaterals for school (digital, outdoor, media, social, etc.) 
  • Website Maintenance: Hosting and maintaining school website
  • Admissions Suport: Planning upgradation & new admissions.
  • Procurement: Our procurement team from home office will assist you source materials, supplies and stationary from over 1000 vendors from around the world, consolidate and ship best educational materials and supplies

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